“This is a mountain where there is life, where the inhabitants vibrate in unison with the plateau and make it resonate day after day with the most varied notes, from simple ones like the environment, but also colorful like the meadows of the pasture , to healthy ones such as products obtained from farms in the area.

Today we take you to Alta Lessinia with the help of

Danny Zampiccoli, the manager of the rifugio Laursen

On an autumn day but with bright colors Danny accompanies us with passion through places like the so-called:

“Valle delle sfingi”

A magical place full of rocks eroded by the wind; where the passage of time is strongly perceived, thanks to the atmospheric agents that have shaped these stones.

During the ups and downs among the numerous alpine huts of Alta Lessinia

we take a break in front of a stele to tell a story of wolves and cows, of wild but true nature, an excuse to reflect on life and the need to listen, a simple art that seems to have been forgotten in our days.

And then away with the eyes that rest on all those solid stone roofs, the result of an unmistakable local architecture and the origin of legends.

This is how Danny talks about “Falìe”

Half witches and half fairies, mythological women who lived here and who seem to possess incredible healing powers, able to heal children’s coughs with a single step under their skirts, but also thieves and lustful with the men who met them on the streets at night..

curious and imaginative stories born of cunning and naivety or indefinite truths?

Finally we glide with our Pindaric flight to the Rifugio Laursen.

A safe mountain port, away from potential floods and excellent for all sports enthusiasts.

Place where it is said there is always a hot meal and a bed to rest, in short, where to take refuge in the true sense of the word.

Thris defined as the “Italian Tibet”, a plateau that literally makes you fall in love and if similar words are spoken by an ex Trentino alpine guide it is certainly very significant.

The journey ends with a food and wine note, here in a borderland where Trentino and Veneto meet, imported bread dumplings are seasoned with cheese from the mountains of Alta Lessinia.

The end is reserved for a local dairy, truly remarkable and… and in short, now you can also look with your own eyes.